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Alloy Wheels

Our expert Alloy Wheel Specialists are on hand to answer your enquires, and ensure that you receive 1st Class Service and an excellent alloy wheel shopping experience. TyrePlus Warrnambool offers the largest range of Alloy Wheels in the South West, and we can provide Alloy Wheels alone, or together as an Alloy Wheel and Tyre package for you.…
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Wheel Alignment

Does your car veer to the left or right? Are your car tyres worn excessively, or unevenly? Does your car steering wheel vibrate uncontrollably & do you have to continually keep steering your car to drive in a straight line? These are some of the more serious symptoms that would suggest your car requires a wheel alignment service from TyrePlus Warrnambool. Many…
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Wheel Balancing

TyrePlus Warrnambool will ensure your wheels are balanced correctly for an optimum driving experience. Unbalanced wheels can cause vibration in the steering wheel and dashboard but can also cost you money! Incorrect balancing also causes premature wear of tyres and rapid wear of suspension parts. When you purchase new tyres from TyrePlus Warrnambool we will ensure…
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